Great Cod up the Great North

Great cod are being hauled in in the North East of the UK…find out more

How to unhook a Pike safely

Unhooking Close Up If you are new to Pike fishing, or even an old hand, there is really no excuse for mishandling a Pike when it comes to unhooking.

If you have any doubts about the safest way, for you and the Pike, the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain have created a simple to follow and guide here on how to unhook Pike safely.

Specimen Carp Venues

If you are a mad-keen Carp Angler who just wants to get in the record books, this page here on the Carp Talk website is just what you need. It lists the weights and dates of some huge carp, and more importantly where they were caught. Check out the Carp specimen hunters list here on Carp Talk…

Dubai Aquarium Leak

Scary scenes show people evacuating a shopping mall in Dubai after a massive aquarium with 30,000 species in including sharks springs a major leak. I wonder how many other people like me thought, great, break out the rods!

The Goldfish Strikes Back!

I am not sure I would have believed this if I had not read it for myself. A very unfortunate household has been damaged by fire, following sun refracting off the glass bowl (that had just been cleaned) and causing it. How how unlucky is that…I wonder what the gold fish were called? You can read the full article in The Leader…

Predictive Fishing

I predict I won’t catch any fish by spending more time reading, watching and writing about fishing than actually doing it. This is one prediction I know will come true.

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Monster Catfish

Now this is just one HUGE Catfish! You would get quite a shock if this picked up your coarse fishing bait, as Mick Brown would say, ‘You could stick a saddle on that!’

Free Fishing Reel at the Anglers Net

Shakespeare Supreme Magnesium Front Drag ReelDo you want to win this super Shakespeare Supreme Magnesium fishing reel? Head over to the Anglers Net where you can help Tackle Bargains sort out their new online fishing tackle shop.

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River Trout Given Helping Hand in Norfolk

Environment Agency - HomeHow cool is this! The Environment Agency and Wild Trout Trust have built special ‘ramps’ to help Brown and Sea Trout migrate back to their spawning grounds on the River Nar in Norfolk, UK.

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